Nicotine addiction treatment

Nowadays, there is an admitted fact, that nicotine addiction is one of the factors of the untimely death. Severe chronic diseases can develop in the setting of the prolonged smoking: diseases of the cardiovascular system and blood circulation, respiratory organs, malignant neoplasms, and others.Nicotine addiction treatment

The nicotine addiction appears as a result of the stimulation of dopamine receptors in the brain.

Nicotine reaches the brain in about 15-20 seconds after the first inhaling.

An addiction is formed by means of the increased level of dopamine in the brain during smoking. The increased level of dopamine causes a "positive" effect and the human has a good mood, reduced stress and anxiety. The increase of the emotional state occurs within a short period and the human needs another cigarette in order to get additional emotional splash.

Receptors in the brain become less sensitive under the permanent effect of nicotine, and the human needs the higher dose and uses 1-2 and more packs of cigarettes per day. In a month of the active smoking, a stable addiction appears. In a year, a harmful action of nicotine and other ingredients (which are in cigarettes) can be noticed.

Nicotine addiction is a disease!

Nicotine is alkaloid of the vegetable unsafe-url as well as heroin and cocaine. It causes a development of the psychological and physical addiction affecting the behavior reactions of the human although in a less degree than the drugs.

Most people do not admit this addiction and say that they can quit smoking at any time. But it is not true. The signs of the disease are a withdrawal syndrome during the prolonged restrain from smoking: headache, lack of energy, increased anxiety, low blood pressure, irritation, and sleep disorder.

These symptoms often bother people to quit smoking and make them makeup nicotine deficit in the body which will stimulate the dopamine receptors. The longer you smoke, the more probability you have a real addiction. Some people give up smoking without any help understanding how harmful it is. It often happens, when they have serious problems with health. In this case, people do not pay attention to the symptoms of the "withdrawal syndrome" and can overcome the nicotine addiction due to will power and a desire to be healthy.

There are many books and information which will help to prepare the body and brain to "cold turkey". Unfortunately, according to the data of the American oncological society, only 5-7% of people can give up smoking without any help, medicines, and at one dash.

Treatment methods of nicotine addiction.

Today, the most effective methods of the nicotine addiction treatment are:

A nicotine replacement therapy is the most popular type of quitting smoking. It offers the use of low doses of nicotine, without resin, carbonic oxide, and other harmful ingredients which can be in a smoke. This type of the therapy uses nicotine patches, chewing gums, pills, inhalers, sprays for mouth and nose. The mechanism of this therapy consist in gradual quitting smoking. The human gets minimal doses of nicotine through patches or gums, and this dose becomes lower gradually. In some period, a complete cessation of smoking occurs and the human forgets about the nicotine addiction.

Electronic cigarettes have the same mechanism of the action. Their drawback is a kept reflex of smoking. The practice process that it is very difficult to give up smoking this way and patches or inhalers will be more effective.

In case of the medical therapy of the nicotine addiction, Wellbutrin medicine is used. It contains the active ingredient Bupropion which helps to overcome quitting smoking and reduce the withdrawal syndrome.

The advantage of Wellbutrin is no amount of nicotine, and it means that the treatment will be faster and effective. The human will not have an addiction because of the stimulation of the nicotine receptors. Nowadays, most scientists and doctors recommend patients Wellbutrin as the basic method to give up smoking.

The mechanism of the action of Wellbutrin is that a human can quit smoking today and he/she will not have the signs of the withdrawal syndrome even during the prolonged quitting smoking. Bupropion is a light antidepressant which stimulates receptors in the brain and blocks the side effects from quitting smoking.

Patients with a severe form of the nicotine addiction can take more improved form of Wellbutrin SR. Wellbutrin SR differs from the standard pills of Wellbutrin due to its longer action. If the common Wellbutrin pill acts about 12 hours, Wellbutrin SR acts within 24 hours, and therefore patients do not take lower doses to have the same effect. Wellbutrin SR will work for patients who have problems with kidneys or liver.

Despite the methods of the treatment, the most important is to give up smoking as soon as possible. If you cannot do that on your own, you can use the proved pills of Wellbutrin or Wellbutrin SR. Giving up smoking will keep your health and increase your lifetime.

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