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Lamictal is a trade name of the active component Lamotrigine. This component provides an anticonvulsant action and blocks a regular impulsing in the neurons of the central nervous system.

The efficiency of Lamictal has been proved in the treatment of the epilepsy during the combined clinical study. After starting the use of the drug the work of the central nervous system is stabilized, the release of the excessive amino acids which take place in the activation of the neurons of the central nervous system.

The objective criterion of the efficiency is an capacity to reduce the frequency of the waves on the electroencephalogram by 78-98%.

Directions for the use

Lamictal is prescribed patients older than 2 years old with partial or generalized seizures including tonicoclonic ones and related to Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (in adults and children).

Patients older than 18 years old are allowed taking Lamictal for the prophylaxis and treatment of the bipolar disorders with depressive conditions.

Lamotrigine may be taken as mono-therapy and in complex therapy with other drugs which this component does not interact with.

Usage and dosage

The use of Lamictal without the prior consultation of a physician will not bring general and significant results. Therefore, before buying Lamictal it is necessary to have a complex examination and specify on what scheme the tablets are used for the faster result.

For mono-therapy, Lamictal is taken starting from the minimal dose of 25 mg per day. this dose is used within 2 weeks, and then it is increased by two times up to 50 mg of Lamictal a day.

The dose is increased every 2 weeks by 50 mg up to gaining the optimal therapeutic effect. In some cases, to gain the therapeutic effect the dose of 500 mg is required but these doses are allowed only under the supervision of the qualified physician.

Reaching the therapeutic result it is needed to use the maintaining dosage regimen 100-200 mg per day, 2 uses (in the morning and evening).

For the complex therapy, the dose is also gradually increased but without reaching the maximal rates.

Side effects

The side effects of Lamictal often appear after the end of the therapeutic course of the treatment, it is related to the withdrawal syndrome. In case of the sudden termination of the drug the patient may experience the increased attacks of epilepsy and the side effects.

The most expected side effects are related to the central nervous system, however there are other unwanted reactions such as nausea, vomiting, hives, fever, dysfunction of liver, and others. In these cases, the aid of the qualified physician is obligatory.

Interaction with other medical products

If you take any medicines, and your physician told you to buy Lamictal, inform him/her about all medicines which you take. It may be very important during the formation of the medical therapy.

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Brand names: Lamictal
Active ingredient: lamotrigine
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Testimonials :

Natalie, 25 Arkansas

Even though psychotherapy also helps, Lamictal tablets changed my life. I can sleep normally, I miss working days a lot less and manage my life in a more reasonable way. Bipolar disorder did not disappear, but the symptoms improved significantly, and my mood swings are not as extreme, as they used to be.

Gavin, 42 Maine

I was very impatient and irritable all the time. My mood switched from good to bad in the snap of a finger. When I began using Lamictal, I changed drastically. Lamictal dose was gradually increased, but it was only for the better. Bipolar disorder is still here, but now does not bother me as much as it did before.

Jack, 36 y.o, Florida

Hello! I have been taking Lamictal for 3 years. My doctor said that this drug does not have analogues because it acts faster than others. I made sure of this. In 2-3 months of the treatment, the attacks almost do not appear. I feel more comfortable.

Andrew, 42y.o, Arkansas

I bought Lamictal for my son 12 years old who have been diagnosed epilepsy. At first, the attacks were often, and I was scared for the future of my child. But after the use of Lamictal, my son feels better.

Ann, 27 y.o, New Hampshire

Epilepsy is our family disease, and therefore we always have Lamictal. I haven't seen more effective and cheaper medicines. As to price/quality Lamictal is the best drug for epilepsy which gives 100% effect.

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