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Norvasc is a brand name of Amlodipine. Its main active component is a calcium antagonist, and is actively used in the cardiologic practice.

Amlodipine provides a hypotensive and antianginal therapeutic effect. It lowers the arterial pressure and reduces the risk of the development of the myocardial ischemia by means of the dilation of the artery vessels.

The mechanism of the pharmacological action is conditioned by the ability of Amlodipine to block the calcium channels, so that the tone of the smoother muscle tissues is reduced in the vessels.
It has an important role in the treatment and prophylaxis of ischemia and hypertension because the smooth muscle make the walls of the vessels to narrow because of the increased tone of the vessels, and so lumen becomes small and the blood is not normally circulated.

And if the coronary and nearby vessels are relaxed, their lumen is increased, and the ischemic risks are lowered including the arterial pressure.

In addition, Norvasc reduces the necessity of heart in oxygen and nutritious component because the dilation of the vessels reduces the stress for the heart.

It is clinically proved that Amlodipine provides a stable and prolonged therapeutic effect, and therefore if you need an effective medicine to treat the cardiovascular diseases, you may buy Norvasc and have this medicine which will protect your heart in your medicine box.

Directions for the use

According to the instruction of the manufacturer of Amlodipine Norvasc is prescribed for the use during hypertonic disease, stable angina, and also angina with the signs of coronary vessel spasms.

In combination, Norvasc may be used for the treatment of other diseases of the cardiovascular systems but the scheme and the course of the treatment must be prescribed by a doctor-cardiologist.

Usage and dosage

If you decided to buy Norvasc, it is necessary to read the instruction for the use and find out an optimal dosage regimen.

The pills of Norvasc must be taken once per day with a glass of water. Meals do not impact the therapeutic properties of Amlodipine, and therefore the medicine may be taken both before and after meals.

It is better to begin the treatment from the minimal dose of Norvasc – 5 mg per day. In case of hypertension and stenocardia the doses are similar.

In case of no side effect, it is allowed to increase the dosage up to 10 mg of Norvasc per day in one week of the treatment. The treatment is conducted before the stable improvement of stenocardia or arterial hypertension symptoms.

Senior patients and also patients with diseases of kidneys and liver do not require the obligatory lowering of the dose. The solution about the lowering of the daily dose should be made by an attending doctor on the basis of the prior examination.

Side effects

The most common side effects of Norvasc which may happen in the first week of the treatment are local edema of shin and feet, tachycardia, dizziness, weakness, and stomachache.

In case of the overdose, a sudden and strong lowering of the arterial pressure and faint may happen, and therefore it is not recommended to increase the daily dose of 10 mg.

Interaction with other medical products

Norvasc 5, 10 mg

Buy Norvasc Online (Norvasc 10mg / 5mg / 2.5mg)

Brand names: Amlip / Avacard / Dailyvasc / Istin / Perivasc
Active ingredient: amlodipine
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Testimonials :

Aurora, 57 Mississippi

I use Norvasc to treat angina pectoris, since it helps to remove pain in the chest and neck. The pain got worse 2 months ago, and my GP prescribed this drug. I started with 5 mg tablets first, and then switched to 10 mg. It basically reduced the pain. Been using it for a few weeks, and I feel that it helps. I'll keep taking norvasc as long as it gives a good effect.

Jack, 71 West Virginia

Norvasc is great for lowering blood pressure, but I noticed an unusual drowsiness in a week. My doctor recommended to take it and start with a dose of 5 mg. I was unable to drive, work, stay sitting or standing for any period of time. Now, I work perfectly well during the day and already feel almost no problems.

Maria, 52 y.o, Wyoming

I take Norvasc for the arterial pressure for the second months already. The result is very good. The effect is stronger with diuretics but I take this combination seldom. I recommend it.

John, 44y.o, New York

I know Norvasc for about 2 years. My wife and I take this medicine for the arterial hypertension. The effect is stable, and long. Sometimes, weakness and dizziness appear but these side effects are not intense in the setting of the effective action of Norvasc.

Nicholas, 58y.o, LA

My daughter is a physician, and she bought me Norvasc for the breast pang. In 3 weeks of the treatment the work of the heart is significantly improved. The attacks are less, the pressure is regulated. I am satisfied with the quality of the tabs, though the daughter ordered Norvasc online.

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