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Clomid is a strong antiestrogenic drug which prevents the active work of the estrogen receptors. The main active component of the drug is Clomiphene.

The mechanism of the action of Clomiphene is well studied at the moment. This drug has an ability to bind with estrogenic receptors on all levels of the reproductive system. Since such receptors are in uterus, vagina, breast, skin, ovaries, hypophysis, hypothalamus, and extra-hypothalamic structures the action of Clomiphene is m anifested in all above-mentioned organs.

Clomid provides a fast pharmacological action. It is proved that there is an intense reduction of estrogens till the 5th day of the drug application, and the concentration of gonadotropic hormones is increased. Gonadotropic hormones play a main role in the ovulation process and cause the maturation of follicles.

Usually, one course of the treatment is enough for women in order to restore ovulation and make a successful impregnation. In the individual cases, the second course of the treatment may be required, and therefore it is needed to be under the supervision of doctor during the treatment. If it is indicated that the first course of the treatment did not help, it is needed to buy Clomid and repeat the therapeutic course. The second course allows to cause ovulation in more than 70%.

Directions for the use

Clomid is prescribed for the prophylaxis and treatment of the following pathologies related to the action of estrogens: no ovulation and infertility as a consequence, endometriosis, unstable menstrual cycle, and no menstruation.

Not only women may buy Clomid but men as well. Men use this medicine to lower the estrogen level and increase the level of gonadotropic hormones during the different male pathologies: oligospermia, gynecomastia, etc.

Usage and dosage

Clomid must be taken strictly according to the scheme and recommendations indicated by your attending doctor. The treatment may be individual for every woman, and therefore the general instruction for the use is followed only if your doctor recommended so.

The common antiestrogenic therapy with Clomid drug is as follows: the treatment is started from the 2-5th days of the cycle taking 1 pill of Clomid 50 mg a day. The treatment lasts 5 days, and then the application of the pills is terminated. Ovulation should be started within 10 days.

If it did not happen, the second therapy is prescribed the woman on the next cycle, from the 2d day, but the everyday dose is increased up to 150 mg of Clomid, and the medicine is used within 5 days.

Or the length of the treatment with the standard dosage of Clomid 50 mg is increased up to 10 days.

During this regimen with the adjustment of the dose/length of the treatment it is allowed to take Clomid for 3-5 cycles (months).

Side effects

The side effects of Clomid may be expressed, or are not felt. It depends on the individual peculiarities of the female body and properly selected dose.

The most common side effects of Clomid are tiredness, anxiety, irritation, sleep disorder, headache, increase of the body weight, heavy menstruation, flush, and feeling of fever.

These side effects are related to the pharmacological action of Clomiphene and pass right after the end of the drug use.

Interaction with other medical products

Clomid 50mg Online

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Brand names: Serophene / Phenate / Clomifert / Milophene
Active ingredient: clomiphene citrate
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Testimonials :

Sophia, 37 Delaware

Over the last couple of years, I've tried all methods to treat infertility and Clomid was the only drug that helped me get pregnant. After three courses of therapy, It has really worked for me. My only a complaint is that I was sweating heavily after every dose of Clomid, and sometimes had a headache.

Olivia, 29 Illinois

Clomid has been very successful in the treatment of my infertility. After a few attempts to conceive, I finally got pregnant. This medication made me feel a real woman. I had no side effects, yet my dr. wants me to have a medical examination every two weeks.

Hannah, 30 y.o, Tampa

I bought Clomid via the Internet, the shipment took a week. A pharmacist of the pharmacy gave his recommendations for the use. After two cycles of the treatment Clomid gave the result. I am happy.

Isabella, 34y.o, Detroit

Clomid works, I feel it. I didn't expect that the effect would be after the first cycle of the treatment, I recommended Clomid to my friend, and ordered it via the Internet, a very fast shipment and the pill quality is excellent. It recommend it to all.

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