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Zyprexa is an antipsychotic drug (neuroleptic) with broad pharmacological spectrum to the wide range of the receptor systems.

This drug has unique properties because it is similar to the several receptors in the brain at once. It influences on the concentration of serotonin, and dopamine, and muscarinic, and histamine receptors. The increase or lowering of the concentration of these components in the brain plays a great role in the treatment of the different mental disorders.

Zyprexa lowers the agitation of the neuron chains in the central nervous system and also plays a great role in the regulation of the motor functions.

Zyprexa provides an anti-anxiety effect, removes the reproductive symptomatology of psychosis (deliration, hallucination), reduces hostility, suspicion, emotional and social autism.

Directions for the use

Zyprexa has a wide-spectrum pharmacological activity, and due to this it may be used for the various mental disorders: schizophrenia, psychosis, secondary affective disorders during schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders.

It is possible to buy Zyprexa and take this medicine in combination with fluoxetine to treat bipolar depressive episodes.

The spectrum of Zyprexa is very broad, especially in combination with different medical drugs, and therefore if you have aptitude to the mental diseases, you should buy Zyprexa and have this medicine in your medicine box. It will help to remove the signs of the disorder on the early stage and make better the emotional condition.

Usage and dosage

Zyprexa is released in the pills and in the form of suspension for the intramuscular injections. Injections act faster and do not cause the stress of liver, but it is more comfortable to take the pills.
The pills of Zyprexa may be used at any time regardless of the meals.

The treatment of the mental disorders must be started from them minimal daily dose of Zyprexa – 5 mg. If the side effects are absent, the dose may be increased up to 10-20 mg of Zyprexa per day in a week.

The daily dose should be selected individually depending on the clinical condition of the patient. The increase of the dose over the standard one containing 10 mg per day is recommended after the relevant clinical examination of the patient.

The treatment is continued up to the improvement of the symptoms of the mental disorder. The therapy with Zyprexa drug may take several months despite the patient will feel the improvement in 1-2 months.

Side effects

The often side effects related to the use of Zyprexa in the clinical studies include sleepiness and gaining the body weight.

The rest side effects appear seldom, and the patient may not notice them: dizziness, asthenia, acathisia, high appetite, peripheral edema, hypotension, dry mouth, and constipation.

In case of the overdose the expressed side effects may happen from the side of liver, and also allergic reactions may be observed.

Interaction with other medical products

Zyprexa 10 mg

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Brand names: Zyprexa
Active ingredient: olanzapine
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Testimonials :

Sofia, 35 Maryland

I started Zyprexa 2 months ago and have noticed an improvement. Hallucinations and agitation stopped, no voices heard. I did have some adverse effects, I can tolerate the tiredness and constipation I get from it. Now I feel almost normal but gain some weight and it bothers me.

Anthony, 47 New Mexico

My dr. prescribed to take Zyprexa along with Fluoxetine for my depression. Works wonderfully for me. It's a super effective drug and can also be really addictive. Sometimes it caused a euphoric state. I would prefer not to have this side effect, but Zyprexa really helps restore my life.

Jackson, 32 y.o, Washington

I bought Zyprexa to treat the depressive disorder. The common antidepressants didn't help, and therefore the doctor prescribed me Zyprexa. In one month of the therapy I saw the improvement of the condition, in 3 months the mood and the general health condition was completely improved.

Isabella, 39y.o, Los Angeles

I think Zyprexa saved my life. For acute schizophrenia just 4 months were needed to return to the normal life. I am surprised and astonished. Buy Zyprexa for any disorders.

Sophia, 27 y.o, Colorado

My sister took Zyprexa, and she is happy. Bought it in the online pharmacy, we didn't imagine that it is possible to get such effective drug for the low price. Zyprexa really works.

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