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Revia is a brand name of the active ingredient naltrexone. This ingredient is a direct antagonist of the opiate receptors. The therapeutic effect of Revia is related to the direct blocking of the opioid receptors and endorphins which cause the feeling of satisfaction during the consumption of the narcotic and alcohol components.

As a result of the blockage of these receptors the patient stops getting those positive emotions which appear during the consumption of alcohol. Gradually, the patient refuses from the narcotic and alcohol ingredients by virtue of the pointless usage.

Revia does not cause a toxicity of the body during the consumption of the narcotic or alcohol components, and therefore the patient does not face severe side effects. The main therapeutic effect develops in the setting of no satisfaction from the use of the prohibited components which cause the addiction.

Using Revia the psychological and physical dependence on the prohibited components, and alcohol which was before disappears. If the positive result of Revia treatment was obtained, it is usually recommended to continue the usage to prevent slips within the indicated period. That is why, if you had the treatment, it is recommended to buy Revia and keep this medicine in your medicine box in order to begin the preventive therapy at the needed moment.

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Directions for the use

Revia is prescribed for the treatment of the drug and/or alcohol addiction regardless of the severity level and length of the disease.

Also, Revia is prescribed for the prophylaxis of the relapses during the complex therapy and prolonged treatment.

Usage and dosage

The course of the treatment with Revia is prescribed by different schemes depending on the data of the medical examination, qualification of a doctor, and peculiarities of the patient's body.

Standard scheme of the treatment:

Before the beginning of the use of Revia tablets the patient should abstain from the consumption of alcohol or narcotic components at least 7-10 days. After analyses confirming the abstaining from the narcotic components within the indicated term, it is allowed to take Revia in the dose of 25 mg.

After the use of the first pill of Revia 25 mg the patient is controlled within 1-2 hours. In case of no severe side effects the patient is given the second half of the dose – another 25 mg.

Then, the use of Revia must be 50 mg per day. The minimal course of the treatment is 3 months, the medicine is taken during or after meals with enough water.

Side effects

The side effects may be caused by the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or in the first week of the treatment.

The most common side effects of Revia are nausea, vomiting, stomachache, constipation, diarrhea, change of appetite, thirst, nervousness, asthenia, sleepiness, irritation, headache, dizziness, ringing of the ears, poor hearing, cough, and hoarseness.

In case of the high sensitivity to Naltrexone the appearance of tachycardia, high arterial pressure, and even allergic reaction are possible. In these cases, the aid of a doctor is required.

Interaction with other medical products

Revia 50mg

Buy Revia Online (Naltrexone 50mg)

Brand names: naltrexone, revia
Active ingredient: naltrexone hydrochloride
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Testimonials :

Joshua, 45 Wisconsin

Although Naltrexone caused insomnia and suppressed appetite, it helped me get rid of my alcohol problems. I was on one 50mg Naltrexone tablet a day for 4 months. As it turned out, other patients were taking the drug for 9 months, so my treatment did not last too long.

Claire, 33 Idaho

Recently started using Naltrexone pills. It seems to me that the craving for alcohol has decreased and I find it easy to abstain from alcohol. I tried all other medicines, and nothing worked. Finally found Naltrexone, and feel fine after 4 weeks of use.

Nicholas, 34 y.o, Washington

I have been taken Revia pills within a year. I snapped two times, so that I started all over again. There is a result but it is better to take this medicine in complex. As a prophylaxis of alcoholism there are no Revia analogues. A very stable effect.

Jenna, 29y.o, Virginia

My father and mother drink. Each of them were prescribed the course of the treatment with Revia. They also visit a psychologist, and go to the support group in the drug abuse clinic. There is some result for the last 6 months. Revia works well in combination with the psychological therapy. It is a very good medicine but sometimes there are side effects.

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