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Zoloft is a brand name of Sertraline which has an antidepressive properties and helps to treat depression. It is a strong antidepressant which stops the serotonin reuptake made by neurons.

As a result, the concentration of neurotransmitter grows in the synaptic cleft and the main cause of the depressive conditions – deficit of serotonin – is removed.

The influence of Zoloft to the receptors of serotonin favors a significant correction of the mental condition of the patient. The therapeutic effect of Zoloft is manifested in the mood improvement, removal of phobia, anxious conditions, lowering of sadness felling, and poor appetite.

Sedative, cardiotoxic effect, anticholinergic action and the stimulation effect are not recorded. Zoloft does not provoke the formation of the addiction, and therefore the probability of the mental of physical addiction is almost zero during the prolonged consumption.

The prolonged therapy may lead to the reduction of the activity of the receptors of adrenaline in the brain.

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Directions for the use

Zoloft is prescribed during the different forms of the depressive disorders regardless of the severity level of the disease. Usually, this medicine is used during depression, different phobias, panic disorders, maniacal syndrome, and depression with anxious feeling.

Zoloft may be called a universal drug because it improves the emotional condition during most disorders of the central nervous system. Therefore, many doctors-psychotherapists recommend to buy Zoloft and keep this medicine in the medicine box.

Usage and dosage

The tablets of Zoloft are taken orally with enough water. The tablets may be used regardless of the meals.

Zoloft should be used once per day, or in the morning, or evening, but it is better to take the medicine at the same time, so that the body better takes the medicine and the therapeutic effect is more stable.

The treatment of the depressive disorders should be started from the minimal dose – 25 mg of Zoloft per day. In one week, the dose may be increased up to 50 mg of Zoloft per day in case of no side effects.

The use of the drug according to this scheme allows to lower the frequency of the early unwanted effects of the treatment peculiar to the depressive disorders.

In case of the insufficient effect of Zoloft usage in the dose of 50 mg per day, the daily dosage may be increased. The dose should be increased with at interval not more than once per week up to the maximally recommended dose which is 200 mg per day.

In case of the prolonged maintaining therapy Zoloft is prescribed in the minimal effective dose which is then changed depending on the clinical effect. Usually the treatment takes several months and patients need to buy several packs with the tablets. In order to save your money it is possible to buy Zoloft in the online pharmacy, in the unlimited number. Having bought the needed quantity of the tablets for the entire treatment you may get a discount.

Side effects

The side effects of Zoloft may appear at the beginning of the treatment. Usually, the side effects appear from the side of:

In case of the vivid side effects, it is needed to consult a physician.

Interaction with other medical products

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Buy Zoloft Online (sertraline 100mg / 50mg / 25mg)

Brand names: Gladem / Atruline / Sertra / Sertranex / Stimuloton / Zosert
Active ingredient: sertraline
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Testimonials :

Andrew, 41 Kansas

Before, I was against any pharmaceuticals and refused to treat depression. But I am grateful to the doctor who convinced me to start Zoloft 100mg and helped me feel better than ever before. The first few weeks were hard because of nausea and insomnia. But then I was switched to Zoloft 50 mg, side effects disappeared and my interest in life gradually returned.

Ella, 23 New Jersey

At first, it seemed to me that Zoloft does not work. Over time, though, gloomy thoughts ceased to disturb me and I felt the results. I stopped closing in the room, I was able to concentrate on work and stopped thinking that life had lost its meaning. My family noticed a discernible change in me. I'm very happy with Zoloft.

David, 34 y.o, Michigan

I bought Zoloft when I felt the first signs of the depression. It helped me to stop the disease progress, and I quickly treated this severe condition. I liked no side effects during the use of Zoloft.

Abigail, 29y.o, Washington

I bought Zoloft online for my mom recently. She has chronic depression and other drugs don't help. In 4 weeks of the treatment, my mom felt better, the symptoms of the anxiety were gone, the mood was improved. Zoloft is a very good antidepressant.

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