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Synthroid is a brand name of the drug levothyroxine sodium which is very popular in the USA and countries of Europe. It is a hormone of the thyroid body produced synthetically, and it has the same effect as endogenic hormone thyroxin-4 which is synthesized naturally in the human body.

Hormones of the thyroid body are mainly responsible for the regulation of the speed of metabolism and play an important role for the human body. When Synthroid is prescribed, metabolism is significantly improved. It is manifested in the fast transformation of carbohydrates, protein, and fats because the body burns more calories within a day.

Also, Synthroid actively stimulates the work of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, and prevents the tumor diseases of the thyroid body.

In case of deficit of thyroid hormone it is increased in the size, so that the patient has discomfort in the chest, and the pathologic changes are developed in the body. Synthroid helps to restore the normal functioning of the thyroid body, reduces its inflammation, and improves the work of other organs.

In many countries, levothyroxine is for sale under different names. In the USA you may buy Synthroid, and the same drug is for sale under Cytomel name in the countries of Europe.

Directions for the use

Doctors recommend to buy Synthroid to fulfil deficit of hormones of the thyroid body during hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, and also malignant neoplasms of the thyroid body.

Also, Synthroid may be used for low level of the hormones of thyroid body to improve metabolism and redistribute protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Usage and dosage

The tablets of Synthroid should be used orally with enough water. The treatment should be started from the minimal dose gradually increasing it up to the optimal therapeutic effect.

In case of hypothyroidism patients are prescribed 25-100 mcg of Synthroid a day. in one week after the beginning of the treatment the dose is gradually increased up to 25-50 mcg every two-three weeks. The optimal daily dose of Synthroid is 200 mcg for hypothyroidism.

In case of the malignant formations of the thyroid body including surgeries patients are prescribed 300 mcg a day.

Children under 12 years old are selected the dose individually depending on the age of a child and severity of hypothyroidism.

The average recommended dosage for children is 25-120 mcg of Synthroid a day.

Side effects

There are results of the experienced studies of Synthroid which tell that the patients may have some side effects while taking the medicine such as anxiety, disorder of the heart rate, diarrhea, alopecia, decrease of the body weight, poor functions of the adrenal body, tremor, and allergic reactions.

In case of the weak side effects the therapy with Synthroid should not be stopped. If the side effects do not pass within a long period of time and bring excessive discomfort, it is needed to stop the treatment and consult a physician.

Interaction with other medical products

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Buy Synthroid Online (levothyroxine 200mcg / 125mcg / 100mcg / 75mcg / 50mcg / 25mcg)

Brand names: Eltroxin / Evotrox / Thyrax / Euthyrox / Levaxin / L-thyroxine / Thyrox / Eutirox
Active ingredient: levothyroxine
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Testimonials :

Benjamin, 29 South Carolina

I only started taking Synthroid 2 days ago. I feel better, but I'm sure it will get even better than before. I was prescribed this drug when, due to hypothyroidism, my weight increased and I started having weakness in my muscles. I take synthroid early every morning once per day and have no side effects so far.

Alexander, 35 Missouri

I started taking Synthroid about a month ago. I noticed rapid changes for the better in my mood and brain function. The side effects do give me a slight concern. I have been feeling nausea little bit, especially in the morning. Get light headed as well. My doctor said the side effects will subside over time, so we'll see how it goes.

Dominic, 30y.o,  San Antonio

I used Synthroid for the metabolism improvement. I am a sportsman, and therefore the effect of Synthroid is very useful for me. No side effects. The drug shows good results. Now I have ordered another pack of the pills. I like it.

Melissa, 37y.o,  Philadelphia

I've been taking Synthroid for a year. The thyroid body is reduced, and discomfort in the chest is passed. I am satisfied with the medicine.

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