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Wellbutrin is a universal antidepressant with a broad therapeutic activity. It helps to soothe the symptoms of any form of depression and anxious disorder. The unique properties of the active component Bupropion is a possibility to inhibit the activity of the nicotine receptors due to which Wellbutrin is actively used in the treatment of the nicotine abuse.

Wellbutrin is not a classic antidepressant because it is more similar to the mental stimulators as to the chemical structure. It is believed that the main active component Bupropion makes the antidepressive effect to the mediator system of dopamine and noradrenaline inhibiting their reuptake.

There are several medical forms of Wellbutrin: prolonged form SR and common form which provides a fast therapeutic effect. The common form of Wellbutrin starts acting from the first day of the treatment and the therapeutic effect appears within the first 3-5 days. But, the pills of Wellbutrin should be often taken than the prolonged SR form. That is why, before buying Wellbutrin it is needed to consult a doctor and ask for an individual scheme of the treatment which will work for your type of depression.

Directions for the use

Wellbutrin is used for the treatment and prophylaxis of the depressive disorder, anxious disorder, and also psychic diseases which are often accompanied by depression: phobia, and panic disorders.

Wellbutrin is effective in the treatment of the nicotine abuse, and therefore often this medicine is prescribed as the basic therapy to struggle with tobacco addiction.

Usage and dosage

Despite the first signs of the antidepressive effect of Wellbutrin appear in the first week of the treatment, the maximal effect is gained in several weeks.

The depression treatment should be started from the minimal doses of Wellbutrin – 150 mg a day. The pills are taken once a day, with a glass of water.

If the adequate therapeutic reactions is not gained, it is recommended to enhance the dose up to the common target dose for adults 300 mg of Wellbutrin once per day.

The acute episodes of the depression which appear suddenly require the longer preventive treatment, in this case, patients are prescribed 1 pill of Wellbutrin 300 mg within 6-12 months. The regular control of Bupropion  and mental health of the patient will lower the probability of the acute episodes of depression and reduce the probability of the appearance of the chronic depressive disorder.

Patients may take dozens of Wellbutrin packs within such long course. In order to save money you may buy Wellbutrin in online pharmacy because you may get a discount up to 50% while buying a lot of pills.

Side effects

The probability of the appearance of the side effects of Wellbutrin is not higher in comparison with taking other antidepressants. Often, patients feel dry mouth, ringing of the ears, insomnia, nausea, and dizziness.

In rare cases, patients may develop tachycardia, or epileptic attack. In order to make sure that Wellbutrin is not dangerous for your health, start the treatment from the minimal doses.

Interaction with other medical products

Wellbutrin SR 150mg

Buy Wellbutrin Online (bupropion 300mg / 150mg)

Brand names: Zyban / Bupron SR
Active ingredient: bupropion
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Isaac, 34 Massachusetts

I'm not new to antidepressants. I use Wellbutrin XL once a day instead of the conventional Wellbutrin tablets twice a day. The effect is the same, yet insomnia disappeared and I began sleeping for 8 hours a day. My mood has improved and now there are no side effects.

Brooklyn, 38 New York.

My depression was severe and I did not leave home for several days in a row. Now I use one Wellbutrin 300mg tablet in the morning. My fatigue disappeared, I feel focused and see the changes in my depression for the better. Wellbutrin is a very useful drug and it provides many benefits with much less reactions then the other not so good antidepressants.

Aidan, 40 y.o, Indianapolis

I ordered Wellbutrin sr 2 months ago. The pills were quickly delivered, the service was good. A nice result was within 2 months of the treatment. Wellbutrin really helped me to cure depression.

Jason, 27y.o, San Francisco

My doctor recommended me to buy Wellbutrin XL for the prophylaxis of depression. I ordered it via the Internet because it was cheaper by 2 times. I am satisfied with quality of the drug and service.

Katherine, 36 y.o,  Los Angeles

I have been using Wellbutrin SR for many a year to prevent depression. I buy it without prescription in the online pharmacy. Every time I feel coming depressive condition, I start using Wellbutrin at once. It helps quickly.

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