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Million people die of the cardiovascular system diseases every year. Atenolol medical product is used to prolong lives of the patients with the heart diseases and improve their health condition.

Atenolol is a selective (cardioselective) beta adrenergic blocking agent. It provides a hypotensive, anti-arrhythmia, antianginal effect, and it affects the work of the cardiovascular system in general.

The main therapeutic effect consists in the lowering of the arterial pressure, recovery of the normal heart rate, improvement of the blood capacity through the ventricles. This drug reduces the load to the heart and helps to better react to the physical activity of the human.

Hypotensive action appears as the lowering of the both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, lowering the stroke and minute volume. Atenolol controls the arterial pressure within 24 hours, and a stable lowering of the rates is observed in 2 weeks of the everyday use of the drug.

Atenolol increases the survival rate of the patients who have had the myocardial infarction, and it reduces the frequency of the development of the ventricle arrhythmia and attacks of the breast pang.

Directions for the use

Atenolol is prescribed patients who have had the myocardial infarction, who have chronic arterial hypertension, breast pang, sinus tachycardia, arrhythmia, and cardiopathy.

This medicine may be used for the prophylaxis of migraine, ischemic heart disease. Atenolol is a universal product for the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases due to its efficiency and safety, and therefore if you have any problems with heart, you may buy Atenolol and have a therapeutic course of the treatment.

Usage and dosage

Before buying Atenolol it is needed to consult a doctor. A medical specialist-cardiologist has to analyze your diagnosis and prescribe an individual scheme of the treatment.

Atenolol in the pills is taken orally before meals with a full glass of water. The treatment should be started from the minimal doses: 25-50 mg per day.

In 1 week, the dose may be increased by 50 mg per day. the optimal daily dose for most patients is 100 mg per day, however there are cases when the patient may need the dose of up to 200 mg for the fast arresting of the dangerous attacks.

Depending on the diagnosis the dosage may vary. The length of the treatment is determined only by an attending doctor.

Side effects

 The most common side effects are from the side of:

Other side effects are developed rarely, and often in case of the sudden drug withdrawal. It is strictly not recommended to increase the daily dose of 200 mg per day and terminate the treatment suddenly. The treatment is finished gradually by lowering the dose by 50 mg every two days.

Interaction with other medical products

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Brand names: Tenormin / Atendol / Altol / Catenol / Corotenol / Notenol / Oraday / Ateno / Betacard / Blokium
Active ingredient: Magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, sodium starch glycolate.
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Testimonials :

Mia, 56 Arizona

I used atenolol for problems with blood pressure and frequent pain in the heart area. The drug definitely helps, and I had almost zero side effects. So far, atenolol gives a better result than other drugs for pressure lowering. Before I started taking this medication, the pain in my chest was very strong.

Mason, 64 Connecticut

I have a chronic heart failure for many years, and I used Atenolol to improve the condition. At the beginning, I was taking one 50 mg tablet, and then started taking half the pill, because the dosage seemed too high for me. When I started taking atenolol, I started feeling better in a few days. I do not know what I'd do without it.

Maria, 31 y.o, Michigan

I take Atenolol to lower the heart rate. I have chronic tachycardia, and therefore as soon as I start physical activity I experience rapid pulse and I have pain in the heart. Atenolol helps to control the pulse and I can do my business.

Jean, 45 y.o., New Jersey

Atenolol was prescribed by my friend-cardiologist. Ho told that this product would help to improve the heart and make me healthy. I often had pain in the heart even in the rest state. But after the use of Atenolol pain in the heart is gone. The pressure is restored, I feel that the heart works better. Now I recommend this medicine to all.

Natalie, 53 y.o.Tennessee

My husband takes Atenolol after the heart attack. Doctors were not sure that he would live but Atenolol helped him to restore his condition. And now he feels better. My husband is alive and healthy due to Atenolol.

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