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A burning problem of the modern medicine is a rational use of antimicrobial drugs. First of all, the antibacterial drugs have a high pharmacological activity, and their use can be accompanied by the development of the side effects. It is not a secret, that a prolonged use of the strong antibiotics can be accompanied by the inhibition of pathogenic microflora and changes in the processes of the useful bacteria.Modern antibiotics

Secondly, as time passes, microorganisms develop a resistance to many antibiotics, and this leads to the reduced activity. That is why, patients are recommended to change drugs depending on the type of the unsafe-urlator.

It is rather difficult to determine an etiology of the infectious process (a type of the unsafe-urlator). The laboratory tests of the blood and urine, and tests of the cellular membranes of the morbific microorganisms are needed. This is possible only in medical conditions but most people take antibiotics without any medical assistance.

A self-administration of the antibiotics makes sense during light infectious processes of the respiratory tracts, HENT during which antibiotics show their best pharmacological activity. The main mistake of the self-treatment is a choice of the antibacterial product. It is complicated to choose a proper medicine for the fast and safe removal of the infection symptoms without analyzing an infection etiology.

However, if we consider the groups of the antibiotics which are used in the modern pharmacological practice, these are:

A separate list can include the most demanded antibacterial drugs on the pharmaceutical market, such as Flagyl (Metronidazole). This is protozoa and antimicrobial medicine which is used for the treatment of the infectious processes in genitals caused by uncommon microorganisms (protozoa).

Why is this a basic set of antibiotics?

According to the many medical studies, the strongest antibiotics are drugs of the broad-spectrum action which have a fatal action to gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

During the choose of the antibiotic, the basic criteria should be:

The modern antibiotics Amoxicillin, Zithromax, Ceftin, Cipro, Flagyl have all these characteristics, and therefore they can be used for any infectious processes.

The prospects of the use of the modern antibiotics is conditioned by their broad antimicrobial activity. For example, macrolides (Zithromax) and cephalosporin (Ceftin) are the safest antibacterial drugs. According to the medical data, the level of the withdrawal symptoms of these drugs is not more than 1% during the treatment of the infections of the respiratory tracts.

As to the safety, Zithromax belongs to the drugs with poor risk of the toxic action to the fetus during pregnancy, and macrolides do not inhibit immunity. This is very important during the prolonged therapeutic courses.

Penicillin (Amoxicillin) are also low-toxic but their use should be alternated with other antibiotics in order to avoid the development of the resistance in microorganisms.

Cephalosporin (Cipro) is one of the strongest antibiotics of the broad-spectrum action because it acts bactericidally and is active against rare pathogenic microflora.

The antimicrobial medicine Flagyl is added to the list of the most important and vital drugs according to the data of WHO. This medicine should be in the medicine chest of everybody. The common antibiotics hardly affect protozoa but Metronidazole is able to inhibit the development of these microorganisms on any stage of their development.

Making a conclusion, we can say that it is necessary to pay attention to the site and severity of the infectious process during selecting an antibiotic. To treat infectious diseases of the middle severity, Zithromax and Amoxicillin will work well. If the infection is severe, Cipro will do.

We do not consider other groups of the antibacterial drugs because most of them are old and cannot compete macrolides or Fluoroquinolones.

In any case, a professional doctor has experience and all tools in order to prescribe qualified therapeutic course, and therefore a self-treatment should be eliminated. But if you do not have an opportunity to visit a doctor, the above-mentioned antibiotics can be regarded samples in the modern pharmacological practice, and an antibacterial medical course is based on them.

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